Anna Pavlov, LMFT

Anna Pavlov, LMFT

Counseling is not easy, it takes courage! If you are in a season of searching, self-exploration, and in need of solutions, you are have already taken the bravest step that is honorable and respected. Anna is passionate about helping individuals and couples understand their identity, self worth, and find hope in their journey. She is also passionate about helping you find freedom, healing, and breakthrough in your journey.

Anna offers compassionate, and professional counseling in a relaxed environment where you can feel safe and validated while working towards your goals in counseling.

Anna has experience working with diverse populations that come from different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences. She looks forward to meeting with you and answer any questions you may have.


Each initial session and follow-up session for both an individual session and couples session with Anna is $175.
For the months of September-December, the pricing per session is on sale for
$150. Prices will return to $175 for all appointments scheduled after 2023!

*Individuals and Couples

Singles and Singleness Issues
Dating Advice and Coaching
College, Millennial Young Adult Issues
Help for pastors/ministry leaders
Life Transitions
Spirituality, Christianity, Faith Issues
Emotional Health
Anxiety and Depression
Self-Esteem, Shame, and Identity Issues
Women’s Issues
Stress and Burnout
Coping Skills

Scheduling an appointment with Anna Pavlov, LMFT:

Anna’s schedule varies from week to week.
She most likely has availability on Wednesdays and Fridays.

You can schedule an online session with her up to 3 months in advance. Please continue to check back to see if a time in her schedule opens up.

After your initial session with Anna, it is advised that you schedule your follow-up session immediately by coming back to this page to secure your spot.

Initial Sessions and Follow-Up Sessions are both 50 minutes long on zoom.
Anna offers both individual and couples sessions! No insurance is accepted.

Schedule an online session: select a session date and time, fill out the form and enter payment confirmation to complete checkout. Your payment must be processed before your scheduled session is complete. You will be taken through two pages for checkout. Click the “place your order button” to complete checkout at the bottom of your screen.  Check your email for 2 separate emails and to receive your session zoom link.

Please read the “What You Need to Doc” below that will answer many of your questions.

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The times displayed are in your current time zone based on your current location at the time of scheduling your appointment.
** Relational or personal sessions are different from counseling in that the focus is to facilitate personal and relational development, not to treat psychopathology. These one-on-one sessions are designed to uncover current problem spots and help you thrive in your personal and relational life. If at any time a counselor determines that these one-on-one sessions are not the right fit (e.g. there is evidence of psychopathology and the need for therapeutic support), they will help connect you to a licensed therapist within your state to offer the services you need, either in place of our work or in addition to our work. These one-on-one sessions are not intended to diagnose or treat mental illness or replace professional counseling services by a licensed individual within your state. Thanks for understanding, and we are looking forward to working with you!

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