Married Sex

A unique, comprehensive guide to sexual intimacy for Christian couples in every season of marriage.

A great sex life is something you make, not something you find. If you feel confused or frustrated about your sex life–or simply wonder, Is there more to it than this?–Married Sex is exactly what you need to make your marriage stronger, in and out of the bedroom.

Including the stories of real-life couples, research results from hundreds of comprehensive surveys, and professional perspective from a bestselling spiritual writer and a licensed counselor, Married Sex will:

  • Help you understand why married sex is one of God’s best ideas
  • Teach you the inner workings of your body and your spouse’s body in order to achieve optimal pleasure
  • Guide you through the most common sexual problems couples have and what to do about them
  • Help you see how your past experiences and expectations influence your present sex life
  • Give you practical suggestions and techniques to enhance your sexual experience
  • Encourage you to take ownership in the process of making love, seeing a great sex life as a beautiful opportunity to honor both God and your spouse

Psychology, theology, research, story, and let’s-get-started ideas combine to make Married Sex a resource for you and your spouse like no other book you’ve read before. Discover practical, biblically informed answers to your questions about intimacy as you find more satisfaction in your marriage than ever.


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When you combine the wealth of knowledge that both Debra Fileta and Gary Thomas have about people, love, and relationships, you get this page-turner. Debra and Gary have skillfully provided a holistic guide to developing and maintaining a vibrant and satisfying sex life throughout the course of your marriage.

Chrystal Evans Hurst

Bestselling author and speaker

If the enemy can’t take out your marriage on the battlefield, he’ll do it in the bedroom. If you are struggling to see that God’s plan for your sex life doesn’t only involve pleasure but power, this book will hand you the keys to unleash God’s rich blessing and strength on your marriage. Debra Fileta and Gary Thomas have a special way of combining science and truth in a powerful way, and this book will help you become stronger and bring sexy back to your marriage.

Levi and Jennie Lusko

Lead pastors of Fresh Life Church and bestselling authors

Gary Thomas and Debra Fileta will help your marriage get pretty hot and your bedroom even hotter. This is one of the most honest and descriptive books on married sex we’ve ever read. We honestly couldn’t put it down. It will give you God’s heart on married sex and get your heart pumping all at the same time! If you want to know what God dreamed for married sex, you just found it.

Dave and Ann Wilson

Authors of Vertical Marriage and cohosts of Family Life Today