21 Days To Pray For Your Love Life Program

21 Days To Pray For Your Love Life Program

What if one simple act everyday could impact your love life?

What if a few minutes a day could change your life forever? What if you have been spending so much time worrying, analyzing, and thinking…that you’ve missed the “real work” of relationships?

In my new Program 21 Days To Pray for Your Love Life I’ll walk you through the power of PRAYER. I’ll show you how to pray in a SPECIFIC way that will impact your heart, your life, and your relationships!  Prayer has revolutionized my life and I’ve seen it transform countless others.  We spend so much time thinking, analyzing, and worrying about our relationships (or lack thereof) when the most POWERFUL thing we can be doing is PRAYING. God has shown us time and time again that prayer impacts His heart…but it also impacts ours!

I’ll walk you through how to:

  • Pray in a SPECIFIC 3-part way for both yourself and your future partner
  • Deal with your past and the impacts it might be having on your relationship status
  • Examine and learn from your prior relationships failures
  • Experience contentment today in singleness
  • Set boundaries and handle sexual desires
  • Prepare and position yourself for the right relationship
  • All through PRAYER, which has the power to change EVERYTHING.


  1. 21 Days of Daily Devotional lessons straight to your inbox, teaching you how to specifically pray for your love life!
  2. An accompanying electronic 54 page Devotional Guide & Workbook that you will pray and work through. This beautiful prayer journal will be the place you answer questions, record your thoughts, and keep track of all that God does over the course of the next 21 Days.
  3. Prayer Through Singleness, Dating, and Marriage Podcast: A BONUS Day 22 Podcast recorded by Debra and her husband John, as they candidly discuss the role of prayer through their single years, dating life, and marriage.
  4. And you’ll also receive over $25 of extra bonuses including the Jump Start Your Prayer Life Audio Lesson.

God’s desire is for you to experience His best in your life and relationships, join me today on that journey through this program!

I really believe that this program will change lives so I want to motivate you to get it right away with the bonuses above if you order on launch weekend!

Another Valentine’s Day is here and for many of you it brings feelings of pain, reminding you of what you’re missing. Instead of dwelling on what you don’t have, why not begin the process of moving into God’s design for you to experience LOVE and JOY. Join me today as we break down barriers through the power of prayer this Valentine’s Day and experience God’s Best for you Life and Relationships!


“I was dreading Valentine’s Day, but knowing Debra’s newest program was coming out actually made me look forward to the weekend. Praying for my love life has been a focus of mine for quite some time, but I felt like I was just praying for God to send me my husband, not much else. Now, I believe I’ll be able to pray for ALL facets of my love life in preparation for marriage with the guidance of this program. I am SO excited to see where this leads my prayer life and relationship with Christ. This came at the absolute PERFECT timing!” – Brittany

“I am SO excited for this program! I love Debra’s comprehensive perspective. She really helps me go through how healthy my current thinking and feeling is, my relationship health with God, and always ends up helping me keep my head grounded and heart open to date and seek the right type of relationship in my life. Her ability to be both counselor and faith leader is something I don’t find elsewhere and I’m so grateful for. I cannot wait to go through this program and see what God does in my heart and life!” – Rachel

“I loved every minute of reading and praying through this devotional. I loved it so much, my plan is to go through again. Thank you Debra for writing this devotional. There is so much wisdom in this book and it has brought me closer to God and trusting him with my love life. If you are hesitating buying this, don’t, it is worth every penny.” – Whitneye

“I really liked the 21 day devotional/prayer. It was a joy to engage in the material and be mentally prepared on what to pray for that specific day. I noticed a big shift in my posture towards my love life that puts my faith into action, which brought me a lot of peace instead of trying to do it on my own. I think the biggest surprise was how relevant each prayer was everyday, God knowing what I needed to hear, and how other parts of my life interwove with the devotions. Praying did not feel like a hassle but something I looked forward to doing. This program turned out to be quite worth the investment and I highly recommend it to other singles!” – Matt

“Thank you once again for investing into our lives. I appreciate your approach of prayer and journaling and interactive to get us (me) to dig deeper and to allow God to work into our heart issues that I had overlooked or pushed down. This book was so timely published and I appreciate everything you invest in. You are so aware and sensitive about what is going on in this arena. Thank you for propelling me in life to get me to step out of my comfort zone.” – Cindy