YADA Assessment – Get To Know Yourself!

YADA Assessment – Get To Know Yourself!

Knowing yourself is the first step to moving toward healthy relationships. 

You are 50% of the equation of a relationship, and your personal level of emotional and relational health is a crucial part to understanding how you function in relationships.

I believe in the power of having insight and awareness. Of “dating inward” like I call it. Because of this, I’ve partnered with psychologists, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott to bring you the Yada assessment. Yada is the Hebrew word meaning “to know”. 


In this Yada Assessment, you’ll learn so many things about yourself including:

  • You Personality Details
  • Your Talk Style
  • Your Fight Type
  • Your Friendships
  • Your Love Life
  • Your Story
  • Your Time Table
  • Your Outlook

And so much more. After the 15-minute assessment, you’ll get a personalized 10-page report, totally customized for you, outlining detailed information about your personality type and how you function in relationships.

Get ready to know yourself in a brand new way!