Powerful Habits to Own Your Thoughts, Understand Your Feelings, and Change Your Life

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Change Your Life, One Habit at a Time

You want to break free from unhealthy habits and replace them with positive patterns—but when you’ve tried to make these changes before, you found yourself returning to old behaviors. How can you make sure that this time is different?

With Reset, author and professional counselor Debra Fileta will guide you through 31 powerful and sustainable practices that will help you transform your thought patterns. Instead of focusing on external actions, you’ll work on reshaping the default settings of your heart and mind so that you’re able to accomplish the growth you want to see in yourself. You’ll get to the bottom of why you do what you do, and then you’ll learn how to do it better.

When your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are in-sync, change becomes attainable and healing from the past becomes reachable. Discover invaluable lessons you can return to again and again and begin your journey of changing from the inside out. Get ready to Reset.

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What People are Saying…

“We live in a world flowing with automation. More and more things are happening on their own rather than requiring human involvement…including our minds, the master of the autopilot. But in order to thrive the way God intended, it’s imperative that we reset, rewire, and find a better way. In Reset, Debra gives you the tools and inspiration to trade willpower for God’s power, fire your autopilot, and walk in renewed strength—for the habits you allow in your life today will determine who you become tomorrow.”

Levi Lusko, lead pastor of Fresh Life Church and bestselling author

“Simple, insightful, and transformative! In Reset, Debra Fileta gives readers a clear path to follow as they learn to rely more completely on the Lord, while letting go of the habits and attitudes that are holding them back. Get ready to step forward in faith as you find the healing and renewal that accompanies freedom in Christ.”

Lisa Bevere, New York Times bestselling author

“Change is often hard, and healing from our past can be extremely painful. Thankfully we have a leader, teacher, and fearless guide in Debra, who has written this incredible book that not only gives us practical tools to pressing the reset button, but also teaches us how to do the deep foundational work that will outlast even the hardest shifts in our lives. Grab your pen and journal for this one.”

Toni Collier, speaker and author of Brave Enough to Be Broken

“Debra has done it again. Everyone wants to feel well, and when we don’t, we turn in all directions looking for a restart. Look no further! This book is chock-full of practical steps to take for a person to be renewed and reset. Definitely a must read!”

Jonathan Pokluda, lead pastor of Harris Creek, bestselling author, and host of Becoming Something podcast

The Author

Debra Fileta, M.A., LPC is a licensed professional counselor, national speaker, and author of Are You Really OK? Through her popular blog (TrueLoveDates.com) and podcast (Love & Relationships), she shares the message that healthy people make healthy relationships. Debra and her husband, John, have been happily married for 15 years and have four beautiful children. www.TrueLoveDates.com www.DebraFileta.com

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