How Full Do You Feel?

In our fast-paced culture plagued with burnout, stress, and chronic fatigue, we often find that we’re functioning out of emptiness. What would it be like to experience a fullness in our life that was truly lasting and regenerative?
In Soul Care, licensed counselor Debra Fileta shows you how Jesus’ own life rhythms can guide you to true health and rest, teaching you how to live full rather than empty. Rooted in Scripture and expertly informed by clinical psychology, Soul Care identifies six life-giving practices from the life of Jesus that address your whole person—mind, body, and spirit. As you are guided toward your own practice of biblical self-care, you will learn how…
The Bible responds to common myths about soul care
A lack of soul care impacts your relationships, ministries, and careers
To recognize the signs and signals of burnout and respond proactively with practical solutions
Empty people cannot fill up others. As you learn to be filled as Jesus was by intentional rhythms and practices, you will experience renewed energy, motivation, and strength to serve others as you never have before!